Mis-sold Investments

Online investing and trading is becoming more popular. Trading volumes have increased dramatically since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, and the rise in the number of retail investors is mainly responsible for this trend. For instance, average daily trading volumes have doubled from $7 billion in 2019 to $14 billion in 2021. This has the downside of increased volatility and the large number of consumer traders has given rise to fraudulent schemes. 

Wherever there is a major trend, unscrupulous parties look for ways to benefits. There is no mystery, therefore, that the number of online forex scams have increased along with the rise in the number of investors. The one tool used by these schemes is mis-sold investments, which involves deceptive practices intended to mislead customers. Those who have lost money to mis-sold investments should file a complaint and hire a fund recovery service. 

FundRecovery UK will prepare your case and be your advocate. Our professionals have expertise and strategies that will improve your chances of getting your funds back. We consult with clients, assist them with intelligence reports and negotiate with banks and other institutions. Ask us about chargebacks, wire recalls intelligence reports, and crypto recovery.

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    What Are Mis-Sold Investments? 

    The definition of mis-sold investments are ‘products or services deliberately misrepresented or a customer is misled about their suitability,’ according to Investopedia. A mis-sold investment is different from misunderstandings or disagreements that can lead to broker disputes. Investments are mis-sold as the result of bad faith on the part of the broker and not due to errors or subjective disagreements about the service.

    In many cases, mis-sold investments are a sign of fraud and sometimes they may even lead to criminal investigations. To avoid the problem of mis-sold investments, it is important to sign up only with a regulated broker and to recognise the signs of mis-sold investments. 

    Types of Mis-sold Investments? 

    1. Unsuitable Investments
    2. Misrepresentation
    3. False Trading
    4. Not Delivering on Promised Services
    5. Stealing Money from Clients

    An unscrupulous broker will aggressively seek out customers, often through cold calling or private messaging people on social media and will tell them that a certain type of investment is guaranteed to give high returns. Chances are, these are unsuitable investments for many people. 

    Those who lack investing experience may not realise that brokerage services are not supposed to be pushed on them aggressively. A reliable broker consults with prospective investors and asks them questions that will help them suggest investments that are the most appropriate for their lifestyles and financial needs. 

    Many of the trading schemes on social media, for instance, fall under the category of unsuitable investments because they focus on extremely high-risk trading products, such as forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs. These are legitimate investments but only for people who understand their high-risk nature. 

    These risky investments are often mis-sold because dishonest, unregulated brokers will encourage people who are out of work, facing debt, or are in vulnerable financial situations. Pressuring people to accept these high-risk trading practices is an example of unsuitable investments. 

    Misrepresentation is another tactic used by bad-faith brokers. They will use various identities and false broker names. Some are clone brokers and will adopt a name that sounds similar to a regulated broker in order to deceive customers. They may claim they are licensed when they have licences revoked or never were regulated in the first place. Other brokers may allege they provide certain services, but may not deliver these to the client once they receive their deposit. 

    Some brokers may claim to be trading money on behalf of clients when there is actually no money being traded at all. This is true of Ponzi schemes, which fund withdraws from deposits from new clients. This means that no money is coming from actual trading. When there aren’t enough new deposits, the Ponzi schemes disappear with the money of all of the clients. 

    Unfortunately, many marketing techniques are depending on highlighting advantages and downplaying weaknesses. Brokers who deal with mis-sold investments often go a step further and do not deliver at all on promises. These may be claims in advertisements to double clients’ money or provide guaranteed returns from risky assets. 

    Those who understand investing would sense that these guarantees are not realistic from the outset, but many believe claims made by fraudulent brokers, which is the reason so many manage to make money off of consumers. 

    Finally, those who deal in mis-sold investments often disappear suddenly with client funds. If you look at stories of crypto scams or forex scams, clients will report not being able to access accounts suddenly, not receiving replies from phone calls and messages, and not finding a website or a Facebook page. These schemes will often disappear without a trace and take clients’ money with them. 

    What to Do If You Have Been the Target of Mis-sold Investments?

    If you feel that you have been the victim of mis-sold investments, it is important to file a claim with a regulator or government entity immediately. If the broker is unregulated, a government agency will deal with the complaint. 

    If the broker has disappeared, fund recovery can be more intricate, because it involves first establishing the identity of the broker, tracking them down, and only then pursuing fund recovery. Whether the customer is dealing with a broker dispute or a fraudulent or disappearing broker, it is important to get assistance to help you get your money back from mis-sold investments.

    How to Improve Your Chances of Fund Recovery Success

    The keys to success in fund recovery are understanding the claims process and working with fund recovery experts.  Consult with Fund Recovery UK if you are trying to retrieve your funds. Talk to us and we will map out a strategy with effective tools and methods. Our professionals have a strong working relationship with banks and regulators and understand how to make a claim persuasive and successful. 

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