FundRecovery.co.uk specialises in Mis-Sold Investment Claims. If you have been mis-sold an investment, we make the reclamation process painless and coherent.

Our Mission

To provide consumers with the best strategies to recover their money after having suffered financial losses from a variety of reasons – including financial misconduct, unfair practices, negligence and human error. Every client of FundRecovery.co.uk is provided with professional and dedicated services throughout our managed claims processes.

Most consumers have very few options when it comes to recovering their funds in complicated situations involving banks and merchants. Though there is a lot of information about online consumer abuse, and different sites where consumers can make complaints, the efforts required to recover one’s funds may be daunting. The FundRecovery.co.uk team seeks to remedy this problem.

Because our professional staff has a vast working knowledge of banking and finance, we are able to efficiently present your case in a professional manner. Building and preparing your case with a personal touch is our expertise. By using FundRecovery.co.uk’s team of specialists, clients benefit from our experience in navigating complex challenges and disputes. For each individual client, we strive to provide the optimal strategy and solution for each case.

Our services extend to four primary areas of expertise.
  • If you require assistance to file a claim regarding a Packaged Bank Account.
  • If you require assistance to file a claim regarding a mis-sold investment.
  • If you require assistance to file a claim against bank/credit card charges.
  • If you require assistance to file credit/debit card dispute at your bank.

FundRecovery.co.uk, is owned and operated by Quandrance Finance Ltd, headquartered in London.