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    FundRecovery UK is fully licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority and works in cooperation with regulators and banks. We consult with clients and assess their situation. Clients who are dealing with broker disputes or feel they have lost money to fraudulent companies can schedule a consultation with FundRecovery UK to discuss their options and how best to pursue fund recovery. 

    If we decide the case has a fair chance of success, FundRecovery UK will consult further with the client and get more information about the situation. We can draft intelligence reports with documentation provided by the client. Customers can present these intelligence reports to regulators, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or individual regulators for specific brokers. 

    FundRecoveryUK also negotiates on the client’s behalf with banks and financial institutions. This negotiation is often necessary for credit card chargebacks and wire recalls. In addition, we also work with investigators to track down cryptocurrency frauds on the blockchain and to recover funds for those who have lost money in crypto frauds. 

    Our professionals, when needed, will also negotiate directly with brokers to retrieve funds for clients. This can often be successful in cases in which the broker or merchant would rather make a settlement than deal with punitive action from regulators. 

    In summary, the types of services FundRecovery UK offers are as follows:

    • Initial consultation
    • Case analysis
    • Preparation and drafting of Intelligence Reports
    • Advice on approaching regulators
    • Advocacy with regulators and government organizations
    • Negotiation directly with brokers and merchants
    • Aiding investigations by law enforcement
    • Fund recovery

    We keep customers apprised of all developments in their cases during every phase of the investigation or negotiation. FundRecoveryUK complies with all regulations and charges a fee only if cases are successful. We also provide a wide selection of services, consult thoroughly with new clients and inform them of their options. 

    No path will be the same for every client. Some cases are relatively straightforward whereas others may be rather complex. Our expertise guides us and we clarify the fund recovery process for our customers and try to give an estimation of the length of the case, what will be needed and the likelihood of success. 

    We recommend that customers be prepared with all of the relevant documentation they need before the initial consultation. This can help the process go more smoothly and if the case is ultimately accepted will make it easier for our experts to move quickly retrieving funds. Clients can cancel our service at any time at no charge. If we accept a case due to its likelihood of success we will strive on behalf of our clients to retrieve as much of the original amount as possible. 

    Missold Investments

    FundRecovery UK assists clients who have been the target of mis-sold investments. The FCA defines mis-sold investments as those that ‘fail to deliver fair outcomes for clients.’ The definition of mis-sold investments can be very broad and cover a wide variety of situations, mainly those in which the broker or financial advisor, rather than the client, stands to gain by the advice. 

    Examples of mis-sold investments are many and the following are some common examples: 

    • Brokers selling customers an investment they know is worthless
    • Churning or gaining access to a client’s account to make trades that benefit only the broker
    • Manipulative advice, for instance, that the client should buy an undervalued asset the broker intends to pump and dump
    • Selling trading products to someone even though it is clear they are trading at a loss or buying on the margin and can’t afford the losses
    • Aggressively pressuring clients to invest in high-risk assets without warning them of the dangers
    • Claiming to provide clients with a trading service when no trading is going on at all, as in a Ponzi scheme or a fake trading app

    These are some of the many examples of mis-sold investments and FundRecovery UK deals with examples of all of these on a regular basis. Some schemes can be obvious frauds, such as a social media crypto scam or forex scam that makes the headlines. Others are more subtle, such as false financial services operating under the radar for years and cheating their clients until they are finally caught. 

    Mis-sold investments are distinct from broker disputes. Our experts also help clients with these disagreements that sometimes arise with merchants and brokers. Disputes do not necessarily imply an intention to deceive the customer or take money from them. However, mis-sold investments always involve crooked motives and are usually illegal. 


    First of all, FundRecovery UK warns consumers against practices and red flags that are often seen in frauds and those who engage in mis-sold investments. We advise using a regulated broker. People located in the UK should trade only with a broker that has an FCA license. Unfortunately, there are many schemes that falsely claim to be licensed by the FCA. 

    That is why research is essential. Before signing up with any financial service, check on the FCA website that they have a licence and it is current. People often fall prey to mis-sold investments because they do not take the time to check licenses or find other vital information about the financial service. Lack of transparency and licensing is what many of our fund recovery cases from mis-sold investments have in common. If you are entrusting your money to a financial service, it is important to know who they are. 

    Also when dealing with a broker or a financial service, it is essential to keep all communication and documentation. If later you have a dispute or you find that you have been encouraged to buy mis-sold investments, you can present this information to FundRecovery UK. With this information, we can create an intelligence report that will be useful in tracking down the people behind fraudulent financial services.

    Fund Recovery Process

    The first step in the fund recovery process is the initial consultation with the client. This is an informal question and answer session in which we get acquainted with the client’s case. We will analyse the facts from the interview and determine whether the case has a chance of success. 

    FundRecovery UK provides transparency about the cases we accept. We do not give false hope or extravagant guarantees. Our service, in accordance with FCA regulations, only accepts a fee if we successfully recover your funds. Therefore, your success is our success and we will give you an accurate picture, to the best of our estimation, of your chances of fund recovery. 

    If FundRecovery UK professionals decide to accept a case, we will have an additional consultation, this one more in-depth than the first. This is an information-gathering session in which we will ask questions, receive documentation from the client and form a timeline of events, including screenshots and digital communication. This will enable us to draft an intelligence report that can play a pivotal role in the case. 

    The client can present this intelligence report to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or other regulators. The client can decide to hire us to advocate on their behalf with a government organisation, to negotiate with banks in the chargeback or wire recall process, or to speak directly with the broker or merchant. In some cases, we provide relevant information to law enforcement if they are on the trail of a trading scam. 

    Our experts are at the forefront of efforts to recover cryptocurrency funds from the blockchain. Since transactions are anonymous, crypto recovery poses a unique challenge, but we employ many advanced investigative techniques to detect patterns and unmask the identities of fraudulent parties attempting to launder cryptocurrencies. Usually, crypto recovery efforts are in concert with law enforcement. In many cases, they can obtain a court order to reveal vital information. 

    We notify our clients through every step of the process about the progress of their case. When funds have been recovered, we will be paid a fee and return the rest of the funds to the client. We are transparent about your rates and this information can be found on the site or by talking with a FundRecovery UK representative. 

    It is important to us that our clients understand every phase of the fund recovery process. We maintain ongoing communication and may contact the client with follow-up questions or more information. We have a record of fund recovery success and stellar customer service. Although the fund recovery process is seldom fast and easy, we can make it more comfortable and increase the chances of success over going it alone. 

    Our FCA licensing and track record of success should inspire confidence. There are many fund recovery services that make false guarantees or charge upfront, but we provide realistic encouragement, ongoing communication and are paid only if we manage to recover your funds. FundRecovery UK complies with all of the regulations and is the best way to get your money back from broker disputes, mis-sold investments, and other situations.

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    Reviewing Your Claim

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    Preparing Your Claim

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    Submission & Engagement

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